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Solar Motion Light

Here you will find suppliers with top brands and information on the solar motion light at prices that are the best in the Internet.

The solar motion light is used to protect one’s home and family from thieves that plague our streets and community.

A solar motion light comes with a motion sensor that detects movements within its vicinity and triggers the light to illuminate the area.

 Because it draws its power from the sun it is the most cost-effective security light that you can utilize in conjunction with your home security system.



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You save a lot of money and time from purchasing cable wires, sockets and paying for your monthly electrical bill. It’s free power that is generated from the sun. All you have to do is expose the security light panel to the sun. And that’s it! You have a fully charged light that’s ready to go.

A solar motion light insures the security of your home by serving as a physical deterrent to thieves. The motion sensor and automatic turn-on of lights puts them at risk of getting caught and apprehended. Since getting caught is the last thing that they want, they are more likely to move on to the next house with no alarm or security light system.

Solar powered security light has come a long way since it was first introduced to the market. Early designs were limited, the quality was not good, and the product itself was bulky and worse, quite expensive. If you want to get your hands on these products, it was difficult to find a good one. With the latest developments in technology the product has been considerably improved. In addition, the issue of scarcity and costly price has been eradicated. Nowadays, solar security lights are available in a wide array of designs with endless applications.

You have the choice to place your solar lights at different places outside of your house or office as every scenario is possible. You can use them to beautify your garden and garage at night. These are the same solar lights that are found in runways, airports, flag poles or even your street lights. Here is the list of possible places to install them:

• Garage
• Entrance of your house
• Patio (pool and back)
• Mail box
• Driveway
• Porch



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Another benefit of a solar motion lights is more ornamental in nature. As mentioned in the above paragraph, you can choose from a variety of designs that suits your taste and the architecture of your house or office.  It means that you won’t have to worry about installing a piece of security instrument that will go against the  or decor of your home.

Other Advantages:
• Efficient
• Environmentally friendly
• Sleek appearance
• Can be used as spotlight

The basic parts of solar motions lights include the following:

1. Solar Panel – This serves as your solar motion light’s charger. But instead of electricity, it feeds on the sun’s energy. The solar panel is attached to the solar light with the use of a cable wire. After attachment, it is placed in an area that receives the sun’s generous sunshine. Solar panels require a regular cleaning.

2. Light Bulb – Ideally a 6-volt halogen bulb is used in security lights with a motion sensor feature. Some have LED lights.

3. Battery – generally a 6-Volt rechargeable sealed lead acid battery is used for solar security lights. They can last for up to 2-4 years without proper maintenance.

Security lights should be installed high above the ground to prevent other people from reaching out and tamper with it. The solar battery usually takes around 2 to 3 days to charge enough from the sun before it can be fully operational.

The assortment of solar solar motion lights available today will likely suit every budget. Here’s a tip for you though, when it comes to home security, don’t choose a product based on its cheap cost. It is best to purchase based on durability and the quality of the model. Home security is important as you are protecting not just your physical possessions but as well as the lives of your family. So anything less is unacceptable.

If you want to fortify your home security you may also want to install security alarms, burglar bars and other home security devices in addition to your solar motion light. These tools will help you sleep without having to worry about how to protect your family when darkness falls.



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