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Outdoor Flood Light

An outdoor flood light is a tool to illuminate your house, landscape areas such as, gardens, pathways and other special architectural features.

The term flood light comes from its ability to illuminate a large and open unlit area with minimal energy consumption.

Aside from its illuminative and decorative features, an outdoor flood light provides added security to your house or workplace.

An outdoor flood flight comes in varying designs, sizes and light intensity. Because of its wide usability, you will see these everywhere from home owner use on the smaller end to large scale use for illuminating outdoor sporting events and even to advertise the grand opening of a movie or a big shopping sale at a popular store.

If you happen to be in one of these events and you noticed high intensity beams flashed into the night sky or on the grounds, then you have seen what flood lights can do. These outdoor lights use hundreds to thousands watts of power and have the ability to light large seating areas and huge playing fields.

For most people the major category of flood lights is the one used at our homes and offices to illuminate our path walks, doorsteps or highlight a garden and flower beds.

The most prevalent use of this type of lighting is geared towards security of homes and work places. We are living in world that is filled with endless threats not only to our personal properties, but as well as our space and even our lives. Most of the time, these threats occur at night, when everybody is sound asleep. This is where solar motion lights, security systems and flood lights come in to play. They help to illuminate and eliminate the darkness of the night and in the process, eliminate the threats.
There are various types of energy-efficient outdoor lights that are for sale in the market today. These are:

• Solar-powered flood lights – This type of outdoor flood light is powered by the sun’s rays. They are charged using a light panel and the energy is stored in batteries to be utilized when darkness falls. Solar-powered flood lights emit or throw out soft beams of light but huge enough to detect possible intruders. Since it is solar-powered, it entails zero energy cost and the only thing that you will pay for is the initial purchase of the unit.

• Light emitting diode (LED) flood lights – LED is also an efficient choice if you want protection for you house. It only uses 40-70 watts of power. Although there are some LED models with over 100 watts of power. The decision which one to buy is ultimately yours. Compared to electric outdoor lights, LED only uses less than 60 percent less energy. That is another advantage of LED flood lights.

• Compact fluorescent flood lights (CFL) – If you want a low-intensity light source that is within the range of 10-40 watts, then you probably want a CFL flood light. They are usually used and installed over garage doors or at the doorsteps of your house. CFLs are the least popular type of outdoor lights.

• Mercury vapor lamps (MVL) – This is popularly known as “street lights”. We see them every evening.

• Quarts halogen lights – This is the most popular model of outdoor light. They are high and electrically-powered lights that are capable of throwing out brilliant beams in major events such as, movie premier nights, sporting fields and others. They have motion sensors that automatically turns on if there are intruders or gate-crashers who try to enter inside the restricted perimeter. You can say that they are the ultimate security lights that are very useful when used for homes, workplaces, parks, playgrounds, tennis courts and other places.

As you can see, many homeowners can reap a lot of benefits from owning an outdoor flood light. You can choose from a wide array of designs and choose your power sources from solar to a low-voltage power system.

Many manufacturers have created unique and new fixtures for these lights that does not only offer security but also compliment your house and your needs. Choosing which one to use rests upon you. The most important thing is you know what you want and that is, added protection to your homes and workplace.



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