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Outdoor Motion Detector

The outdoor motion detector is one of the least expensive and effective ways to help with home security.

Together with a security light, an outdoor motion detector can become a powerful security system for homeowners.

An outdoor motion detector is considered as one of the most effective first lines of defense by home owners against intruders.

This is because it detects any movement within the motion detectors range and automatically turns the light on as a warning for possible intrusion.

Being educated of how these outdoor detector works will definitely allow the owners to maximize its function.

A motion detector and security light need to be wired together to work. Consumers can perform this task on their own or opt for the two to come pre-wired. These outdoor detectors do not always have to be installed by a professional but can be a do-it- yourself option.

The Two Types of Motion Sensors

There are two versions of the outdoor motion detector. These are active and passive motion sensors.

 Active sensors automatically send a signal to turn the light on for any breaking activities, any light beam radar signal or ultrasonic wave it detects. The energy that these three emits triggers the change in the return of the energy to the unit causing it to be activated.

Passive, on the other hand, is a type of outdoor detector that is commonly used by motion sensing lighting. Infrared energy and body temperature is what this type usually detects. It is usually set a range where in it can read normal human temperature.

This type of outdoor device has a close similarity to a photo sensor. The reason it is called passive is because of the nature of how it triggers the security light to be turned on. This device is only triggered if there is movement, however will not be able to detect body temperature if the person is staying still.

 Be careful in setting the detection as it might end up causing you more trouble if the system is set at the lowest detection. Very low detection can capture even animal temperature and other environmental conditions causing it to set an alarm inappropriately.

Outdoor solar lights automatically activated by motion come as bundled and pre-wired and ready for installation. The usual set-up is that of a motion detector being mounted below two security lights allowing maximum view of the property.

Most versions of the solar motion light and outdoor detectors also come with an option to be manually operated in case a home owner prefers it.

The development in technology has allowed environmentally-friendly sensor lights with the existence of solar powered batteries. These types of lights are usually used during the night while it gets its power from the sunlight during day time.

Important Considerations for Outdoor Sensors

• Remember that a motion detector is just one way of providing security to your home.

• If it is solar powered it will save on your electric bill.

• Setting the coverage range of your motion detector is very important since it may trigger the lights to turn on automatically, when you do not want this to happen.

• Setting up the direction in which your motion detector face is also a major consideration, so you get the proper area covered.

• If your detection system is facing a street or area where there is lots of activity or movement by animals, keep this in mind so you purchase the right version. You don’t want it going on all the time and keep you awake all night.
• To perfectly set up the motion detector may be a trial and error method at first. It may take a few attempts to get the setting that will work for you and your security needs.

As a home owner an outdoor motion detector can be a valuable tool to help protect your home. Staying informed and updated on how to use security systems like this is a valuable use of your time.



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