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Solar Powered Security Light

Using a solar powered security light is a great way to keep your home safe without spending too much on electric bills.

These are easy to install devices that utilize a motion detector system that can trigger the light for any movement within its radius capacity.

A solar powered security light is one of the most convenient home security systems that you can use.

A lot of home security systems are available in the market, most of which have a high maintenance cost due to increased electricity consumption as required by the device. With a solar powered security light, you can sleep soundly at night knowing that there is a highly motion-sensitive mechanical eye watching over your home and protecting your family at very low cost.

Here are some of the reasons why a solar powered security light for safety will be a great investment, worth every single cent that you will spend.

1. Hassle-free installation. Most security devices intended for home use require special installation, which will make you spend a couple of extra bucks. Since most of this equipment requires sophisticated wiring that means further expensive complications. The solar light with a motion detection system is not wired at all. You just have to put it beyond people's reach and make sure that it can capture energy from the sun. This is even easier than plug and play.

2. Cut on costs. As this solar security light receives its power from the sun, there is no need for you to worry about an increase in your electric bill. This motion detection solar light comes with a pre-installed solar powered rechargeable battery. All you need to do is put it under the sun for recharging and it is all good to go.

3. Further Protection. Another great thing is that you are still protected even during cases of power outage! The common battery life for this security device is 3 years. Another amazing thing is that you need not look for the best spot to charge its battery because it definitely works even in cloudy weather and battery life can last for more or less two weeks without direct sunlight. Just avoid storing it in extended periods of time as this equipment needs the sunlight to function. Also remember that you must fully charge the battery occasionally, usually once every four months.

4. Not manually operated. Since this type of solar light has a motion detection system, it will automatically be turned on whenever it detects any movement within the usual 23-foot range. This is a very helpful feature because you do not have to hurry and turn it on during dusk. The photo cells built in this solar motion light allows the light to be automatically turned on when darkness comes. This also means that the battery and the bulb will not be wasted the entire day. The option to adjust the sensitivity of the light, its motion detection, and light time is also available for your preferential set up.

The solar powered security light offers flexibility, not just to secure your area but also used for emergency purposes such as flood lighting and spot lighting. This is a very practical option to keep your property safe, without adding damage to the environment and to your budget.



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